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    UART max Baud rate of FM3 CY9B110T Series




      FM3 CY9B110T Series.

      It seems like UART max baud rate is 8MHz, Why isn't it 14.4 MHz?


      In the document 'FM3 Peripheral Manual Communication Macro Part (TRM)',

      following formula is shown.


      V = φ/ b - 1


        V : Reload value  

        b : Baud rate

           φ: Bus clock frequency or external clock frequency


      CY9B110T Series APB2 Bus clock is max 72MHz and  V is min 4.

      Even considering the allowable baud rate range for reception,

      Maximum baud rate is..


      b = φ/( V + 1 ) = 72 Mhz  / ( 4+1 )  = 14.4Mhz  ( baud rate max )


      However, in the data sheet it is 8 MHz.

      (※Document History 03/09/2017 Added the Baud rate spec in “12.4.10 CSIO/UART Timing”)


      ■CY9B110T Series, 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M3 based Microcontroller Datasheet


      ■32-bit Microcontroller FM3 Peripheral Manual Communication Macro Part



      Why is this?

      Is it because the specification of MFT needs 8 clocks

      for setting the interrupt flag by checking the reception idle status?


      Is there any other reason?


      Best regards.