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    Open Source friendly license terms for header files in SDK's?




      I've just recently purchased a EX-USB FX3 and have been working out how to create open source firmware useable for this chipset and the developer kit.  Unfortunately the license terms of the SDK source code and header files make it impossible to build any open source-able projects for this hardware due to the documentation and api header file licenses.


      For example the usb debugger on the FX3 which requires a usb driver as provided in the CyUSBSerial_SDK_Linux can't be packaged for linux distrobutions because the

      CyUSBSerial.h license terms do not allow redistribution and thus the otherwise LGPL licensed driver can't be released.  Please fix this with urgency.


      It would be good if Cypress could review all it's SDK's and at a minimum re-release:
      - the header files with open source friendly licenses so that open source applications can be built against them.

      - revise the license on technical documentation making it clear that specification information is allowed to be used for the development of open source source software that assists the use of the hardware.


      It may be good if the open source licensed headers and any open source software source code is released as separate archives the to the restricted and non-redistributable code and binaries.  This would make it easier for those in the open source community to identify and develop with Cypress hardware.  It would be even better if Cypress would publish and maintain that open source code in a public version control system such as git.