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    FX3 with AN75779 source code and MT9M114, color modification




      I using a FX3 SuperSpeed USB development kit along with a custom MT9M114 development board. The board MT9M114 has been tested and works fine with an OnSemi Demo3 board. The on-board oscillator has a frequency of 24MHz.


      I'm programming the FX3 RAM with the application note AN75779 (How to Implement an Image Sensor Interface with EZ-USB FX3 in a USB Video Class UVC Framework) source code, compiled with EZ Suite USB. The source code remains unchanged.


      A UVC device then appears but the results I get are strange (see screenshot below). White appears as magenta and black appears as green. However, from time to time the colors are good and appears as expected.


      Where could be a good place to start ? I tried to compile the code with DEBUG_PRINT_FRAME_COUNT defined but this doesn't help much.


      I remain at your disposal should you have any question.


      Best regards.