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      • 15. Re: Slider skips some values

        I found another issue. The logging feature from the Tuner is not very good. I simultanously logged the signals with the tuner and sent the sliderposition over serial connection.


        Above is the tuner result, plotted with excel. A lot values are missing.





        Above the results from getcentroidposition written to uart and plotted with exel.



        Why is this? Can thi be improved. I already configured the i2c for the tunerspeed to 1 Mhz.

        • 16. Re: Slider skips some values

          Hi FlKr_2647891,


          Can you please check if the synchronized check box is ON in Tuner?

          This may also be because Tuner tends to skip certain packets if the scan happens faster than the speed at which Tuner master reads the data from the PSoC device. This is not an issue.

          Also is the original issue "slider skips certain values" resolved?




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