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        Hi Robert,


        In either way you will be able to communicate to your vendor specific app using MeshClient. But I would suggest you to create a new network on MeshClient and provision vendor specific app for your testing.

        You can check MeshClient log for sent messages and the acknowledgement from the server (The logs will be saved in trace.txt). And also you can observe serial logs for each devices.




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          Thanks about the tip on the logs.

          I am wondering if I am not enabling the HCI uart functions properly.

          I see the HCI_CONTROL compiler directive. Do all I need to to is add a #define HCI_CONTROL 1 ?

          Or is there another way?



          I can not log into the community any more and get errors. Who do I email to resolve this? I don’t see a tech support email on the page.

          Best Regards and thanks for your patients. I love the cypress psoc product and have told many about it. Have also given many dev kits to people to get them interested.

          -Rob Berry

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            Hi Robert,


            FYI. Sorry, I couldn't open your attachment.


            Are you getting any error while sending the Vendor specific messages using MeshClient? Or any difficulty in sending HCI command using MeshClientControl? Could you please provide more information about the issue?


            If you see any login issue you can either post Community Help- Login Questions?  (Please go through it) or send e-mail to sara.leslie@cypress.com.  

            For addressing login issues, bugs etc we can research the issue more quickly if you include the following information.

            • Email
            • URL of issue
            • Screen shot
            • Browser being used
            • Day/Time issue occurred
            • Additional information as applicable




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