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    CYPD3125 Hardware Configuration


      Hello Team,


      How to program CYPD3125 Type-C EZ-PD. Either Via I2C lines or CC lines.

      Kindly look into my previous discussion because I can't able reply to that discussion. So I created a @new discussion here.


      We tested CYPD3125 evaluation board for the application charging and data transmission( Samsung Type C TAB). And successfully our requirement full filled.

      Link: LAVASync™ 1U-OEM – LavaComputers

      Later we customized the evaluation board CYPD3125 exactly, the charging not happening with our customized board. And we replaced the evaluation board components to our customized board it's working quite good.


      How we can charge our customized board. Need to configure CYPD3125? If yes, Kindly suggest the possible ways to data transmission and charging.


      Our application is used charge and data transmission. Attached Schematics for your reference.


      Later got reply form cypress team (LisaZ_26 ) as


      As per your description "And we replaced the evaluation board components to our customized board it's working quite good.", may I understanding the device CYPD3125 on CY4531 can working well on your board, but the all new CYPD3125 can not work at all? If my understanding is correct, the next step you need do is program the firmware of CY4531 into the device on your board.


      The firmware project of CY4531 can be get it from the link: https://www.cypress.com/documentation/software-and-drivers/ez-pd-host-software-development-kit


      After you install the SDK, you could new project with example project CYPD3125-40LQXI_notebook and build it. You will get HEX files of the project.


      If you just want to confirm whether the HEX file could process this issue, attached HEX file for your testing.


      Kindly suggest hardware setup to program CYPD3125.