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    Detect stack overflow




      We would like to prepare the detection of stack overflow.

      We will clear the last 4bytes of stack pointer address to 0x00000000 . And  we will detect the stack overlow by reading these 4bytes whether stack pointer has been written.

      How to read/write the last 4bytes


      Is this correct?


      for example

      [In case of clearing the last 4bytes of stack pointer to 0x00000000]

              uint32 check_sp_ov;


              check_sp_ov = 0x00000000;

              *(reg32 *)(CYDEV_SRAM_BASE + CYDEV_SRAM_SIZE - CYDEV_STACK_SIZE) = check_sp_ov;


      [In case of checking the last 4bytes of stack pointer]

              if( *(reg32 *)(CYDEV_SRAM_BASE + CYDEV_SRAM_SIZE - CYDEV_STACK_SIZE) != 0x0)


                     error processing code



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