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    Jtag CyJtagRead, CyJtagWrite buffer parameter format


      We want to use CY7C65215 's JTAG port to do jtag boundary scan, communicating with our new IC (fpga).

      We found jtag APIs in "Cypress USB-Serial API Document.pdf”.




      However, the document doesn’t mention CY_DATA_BUFFER 's buffer format.

      We don't know how to program this buffer.

      How to send a command to IR register? Select a DR and read it's data?


      Can Cypress provides jtag sample code or relevant documents?



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          JTAG interface is supported in USB-Serial with only the OpenOCD tool and since the part is a fixed firmware part, only that particular command format is supported. We currently do not have any external document to provide details on the commands.

          However, you can check the latest source file openjtag.c used in OpenOCD version 0.10.x which passes those commands using the CyJtagWrite() and CyJtagRead() APIs from-http://openocd.org/. Please look for the commands which perform the required operations on the IR or DR and use the same format in your application.


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