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    Data storage in Quicksilver flash


      Hello All:


      I have an unusual ask - I want to use the serial flash memory on the Quicksilver_EVL for storing a LARGE amount of application data. The reason is this: in an ultra low power application where every uA matters, we want to be sending data over WiFi very infrequently, but I cant just declare a huge array. We are using the Quicksilver board which comes with many megabytes beyond the application space that can be used like an EEPROM or the like. Basically I want to use the sflash to buffer megabytes of sensor data so we can do one or two large data dumps per battery charge.


      I've seen examples of defining user variables in the app dct - can I declare something that large? Ideally a queue would be nice, but if needed I suppose I could use a large array. I'm concerned about the latency of reading and writing to the dct as well - is there any way that can be reduced by using the sflash in a more "raw" format, ie reading and writing to raw memory locations from the application?


      Any thoughts or suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks!