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    Problem with USB HID General Data Transfer


      I want to use communication with USB HID.

      so, I tried "AN82072", almost work is fine.

      but, send data to PSoC from PC is the problem to me.


      I made c# application to test data transfer between PC and PSoC.

      but sometimes the transfer is failed.


      I also tried to find the problem with the Bus Hound program.


      but I can not find any problem with the program, I think the data was sent to PSoC but PSoC does not receive the data.

      so, PSoC does not send data to PC, 10 times.


      I also tried with CY8CKIT-050 but has same problem.

      This is My problem.


      I attached my files, PSoC project and C# Application.

      please refer the files and give me any advise to solve this problem.




      Test Environment


      PSoC Creator 4.1 Update 1

      Windows 10 Pro 1803

      Visual Studio 2017

      CyUSB.dll -