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    How to do USB HID communication with PSoC5LP?


      I already asked this same question in this community but i can not get good answer to solve my problem.


      My Question is "How I do USB HID communication with "Windows 10?".


      My reference is "AN82072 - PSoC 3 and PSoC 5LP USB General Data Transfer with Standard HID Drivers"


      with Windows 7 Home 64bit (Notebook) the reference works very well with "Generic HID UI.exe"

      Click the Update button to update PWM data,

      PWM data changed with just one click.


      but with Windows 10 Home 64bit(Desktop) the reference works not good with "Generic HID UI.exe"

      Click Update button to update PWM data,

      PWN data does not chenaged with just one click.

      I should click the button several times to update PWM data.


      I used same PSoC Kit, same Application program("Generic HID UI.exe").


      Please give some knowledge, why this problem happened and how to solve the problem.


      Thank you.