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    GCI interface between 1gc and cybt353027-02


      I am trying to get the GCI interface working between the 43907 based 1gc and the 20707 based cybt353027-02.  I have flipped the low bit in the board flags for the 1gc nvram.txt and I can see the gci messages being sent out.  I have also called wiced_bt_coex_enable() in the bt firmware.


      I have j6:38 and j6:39 (rf_sw_ctrl_8, and rf_sw_ctrl_9) of the 43907 dev board connected to gpio_5 and gpio_6 (of the cybt353027-02.


      The bluetooth board doesn't seem to be enabled for gci as there is nothing coming out of the bluetooth seci_out.


      Am I missing something?