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    cx3 uvc type-c connector


      Hi Guys,

      I have created a uvc project for cx3 using normal usb3.0 connector, It works fine.

      Then I changed to type c connector, the reference schematic as bellow


      FX3 with type-C connector



      and added the following code to select mux

          /* Check the enumeration MuxControl_GPIO to High */

          apiRetStatus = CyU3PConnectState(CyTrue, CyTrue);

            if(CyU3PUsbGetSpeed() != CY_U3P_SUPER_SPEED)


                apiRetStatus = CyU3PConnectState(CyFalse, CyFalse);

                CyU3PDebugPrint(4, "First attempt failed = %d\n", apiRetStatus);



                  /* Check in other orientation */

                CyU3PGpioSetValue(0, CyFalse);

                apiRetStatus = CyU3PUsbControlUsb2Support (CyTrue);

                apiRetStatus = CyU3PConnectState(CyTrue, CyTrue);

                if (apiRetStatus != CY_U3P_SUCCESS)


                  CyU3PDebugPrint(4, "USB Connect failed, Error code = %d\n", apiRetStatus);





      the result is that it only works for one side, the other side is black window( both usb 3.0 detected)


      I noticed that the mux pins 13 and 12 are swapped, and also pins 15 and 14 are swapped on the schematic.

      is that the reason  it only work for one side?