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    AFH (Frequency Hopping) implementation for BLE in BCM20737 and similar

      Dear Community,


      I'm looking for an interference robust BLE module for use in an industrial environment.

      The BLE specification itself incorporates the usage of channel hopping. The implementation however differs. TI ASFAIK implements a static-only hopping in their current BLE stack (even promising adaptivity). Means: If there is a channel blocked/not working the module continues sending on this channel (and just resends on another packet on the next frequency). This results in unnecessary delays and traffic on the 2.4GHz Band. Some others do proper AFH only when in regular bluetooth mode.


      For my product (and coexistence with other systems) I definitely need a module with adaptive channel hopping when working in BLE (without implementing it by myself). Means the module keeps and updates a channel map and will only communicate on these channels that are available/working (and not keep sending on those, that are already blocked by other applications).


      How exactly works the AFH in the Wicked stack? Is it truly adaptive in the sense I described above?