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    External Memory of CYW43907




      If the customer would like to connect external memory as instruction ROM with CYW43907,


      Q1: which interface can the customer use? e,g SPI or other?

      Q2: how much is the maximum memory size to expand memory size of ROM by external memory.


      Thank you.



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          I am not sure if I understand your question correctly. Based on my understanding, you want to expand the external memory of CYW43907. The easiest option is to change the SPI flash to a bigger size SPI flash, size of which is limited to 64 MB. The list of supported flash can be found at 43xxx_Wi-Fi/WICED/platform/MCU/BCM4390x/peripherals/spi_flash/spi_flash.h


          Please update the thread if you are looking for help in a different direction which I did not really understand.