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    Kitprog2 cable Psoc 6


      What type of connector do I need to use the kitprog on header J11 to be able to program other chips? Is there a link to the product?

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          I think you are referring to J11 on CY8CKIT-062-Wifi-BT kit.

          On J11, you can connect MiniProg3 10 pin JTAG/SWD cable connector to program PSoC6.

          Kitprog2 is  "U2" PSoC5LP chip, which can program target PSoC6 when you connect USB port J10 via SWD reset mode of programming.



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            J11 is using a regular ARM 10-Pin (or 2x5) SWD connector with 1.27mm pitch. Searching for "2x5 SWD cable" should give you a good list at different stores.


            I have to correct above statement. It can also be used to program an external PSoC 4/5/6 device. The function can be selected by switch (SW6) on the bottom of the board. The switch will disconnection of the internal SWD lines from KitProg2 to the PSoC6, allowing the external device programming.

            With the standard configuration you will reset both PSoC6 and the external chip at the same time. If you only want reset the external device, you have to remove R62 next to the Reset button. In this case PSoC6 can still be reset by SW1, but not by the debugger!


            Pinout of the connector can be found in the Kit Schematic.




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              Where is SW6 on CY8CKIT-062-Wifi-BT kit (there is only sw7 on back side) and also there is no resistor "R62" around reset button (sw1)

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                Interesting, I thought both boards were identical beside the MCU, USB and WIFI,...


                I just checked the schematics of the WIFI kit and it looks like you have to desolder three resistors there instead to cut the debug connection from KitProg to PSoC 6.

                The right ones are on the bottom side next to the Trace connector (J12) in the area marked as "E".

                The left ones are also on the bottom side next to the 2x5 pin connector (J11).

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