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    Connect two devices together without pre-determined Master/Slave

      My product is neither a master nor a slave.  I am trying to connect two of my identical peripheral devices to each other without a third-party central.  When pairing the devices, how do I pick which one should advertise and which one should scan for the connection?  I can press a button on the dev kits to make one a master (scanning for advertisements) and the other a slave (sending advertisements), but I would rather just let them both be masters and slaves to each other, at the same time.  In other words, they both send advertisements and scan for advertisements from at the same time.  When they find each other, they are both master/slave to each other over the two connections.


      Is this possible?


      I tried to modify hello_client to do exactly that and it failed.  Device A was master to device B, but when I tried to kick off another connection where device B was master to device A, it failed.  Device B found advertisements from device A just fine, but I never got to connection up.  Note that I did program the BD_ADDR differently for each dev kit to ensure that they are different.