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    ClientControl CYBT-353027-Eval won't launch ram


      I am having a problem with my bluetooth module.  I am trying to use client control to launch a .hcd file from ram.  While I can get it to download, the launch ram command only seems to cause it reboot from whatever is in flash.


      I can program the board from wiced studio and have successfully built hello sensor as sell as hal.gpio.  For my application I need to boot the firmware from the hci port.  I have 2 programs that work so I wanted to test using client control.  If I install hal.gpio in wiced studio, and then use client control to upload hello.sensor, it just boots hal.gpio .  This is confirmed by monitoring the puart.


      Has anyone gotten this module to launch firmware from ram?


      I also found another issue too in that if I tried to install hello sensor from wiced studio which works and then try to load hello sensor.hcd to ram using client control, the board ends up corrupted.


      How is the hciuart firmware upload doing that?