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    About USB DLL for the CY8C24894


      I was thinking of some customization required or the hardware optimization.

      Below is something I want:

      - PC to send 32 bytes of data through USB to CY8C24984 every sometime interval.

      - CY8C24894 firmware process the data only after 32 bytes or more are received.

      - CY8C24894 firmware then put the data into USB buffer.

      - PC to read 32 bytes of processed data.


      Tentatively we can forget those things like data overflow.

      I know there are USB2IIC.exe DLL used for the PC GUI to interface when the CY8C24894 configured as USB2IIC bridge.

      However in this case, can we have some more generic, or lower level of DLL that handles like data write/read to CY8C24894.

      I was a bit new to USB.

      I know online there are CyAPI.lib/CyUSB.dll, which is for EZ-USB (like FX/FX1/FX2/FX2LP).

      But can this be used for PSoC1 CY8C24894 device?