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      Raytheon is conducting a failure analysis on some AM29DL640G70 flash memory devices that has been in our inventory since the early 2000's. The devices show some signs of sand blasting that may have been used during the final marking process, please see images. Would sandblasting have been a process used at times back when these were in production?


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          Hello Carlos,


          Thank you for contacting Cypress Semiconductor


          I had verified with Product Engineering as well as from Process Development Engineering, in regards to the AM29DL640G70

          and this is their response :


          " We agree that the AM29DL640G70 units have been sandblasted, but not by Cypress. Therefore we cannot accept RMA or other

             responsibility for the units. We are concerned that these AM29DL640G70 units might be re-marked / re-graded or counterfeit units "


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