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    Data Length Extension (DLE) API in Bluetooth middleware: setting data length?


      Background: Using a PSoC 6 MCU as a BLE GATT server and trying to use Data Length Extension (DLE).


      The Bluetooth Low Energy PDL docs define the following event:

      CY_BLE_EVT_SET_DATA_LENGTH_COMPLETE: This event indicates completion of the Set data length command.

      But I don't see any set data length command in the API. It only has a function for getting the data length (Cy_BLE_GetDataLength) which triggers an analogous event (CY_BLE_EVT_GET_DATA_LENGTH_COMPLETE). This asymmetry strikes me as a a sign of incompleteness. Is the nonexistent set data length function in development or something?


      I also don't see a command corresponding to CY_BLE_EVT_SET_SUGGESTED_DATA_LENGTH_COMPLETE, but maybe I'm missing it because the PDL docs' search function only returns items that match from the start of the string, making it basically unusable.


      Hopefully this has a simple answer I'm just being an idiot here.