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    BCM43430 with old kernel version



      We are trying to integrate a 1DX Murata module (based on BCM43430  chip) on a productbased on an Atmel (now Microchip) ATSAMA5D31 MPU running a 3.10 Linux Kernel.  Is there any drivers revision compliant with such setup ?

      Regarding Wifi

      When compiling the out of tree backport provided on the following cypress webpage (https://community.cypress.com/servlet/JiveServlet/download/15932-1-39799/cypress-fmac-v4.14.52-2018_0928.zip) , we ended up with four kernel modules, including the low level cfg80211 layer.

      Is there any (potentially old) version where cfg80211 did not need to be backported ?

      Indeed our goal is to have a single kernel on several different products with different WIFI/BT modules,  we would appreciate to keep the standard cfg80211 driver and just to add a few more kernel modules to support a BCM43430  based radio module.


      Regarding Bluetooth


      Bluez5 seems to be manadatory to support bcm43xx device when using hciattach. Could you confirm?


      Is there any documentation regarding kernel configuration to support the bluetooth feature of BCM43430 chip? We did not find any related information on cypress website