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    For S25FL128S, some simulation errors happened.



      I am using the flash chip of CYPRESS,S25FL128SAGNFI000, but there comes some simulation errors when I do the program simulation.


      Here are the details.


      I am doing the PP command to program the flash 32bits every time.(the simulation software is ModelSim. And the FLASH sim model is s25fl128s.vhd )

      But when I program the address of "0000FC", there comes some errors from the Modelsim.

      But When I program the another address, such as "0000E8", it is totally OK. only the address of "0000FC" is wrong.

      I changed the sequence of address, but I still indicates that the address "0000FC" is not OK.


      Would you help me to figure out why this phenomenon happened? and what should I do to fix the error?


      Here are the error pictures.