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    Direct Drop-In Replacements for S25FL032P-0XMFI011 (32-Mb NOR FLASH Memory)


      Do you have any active parts that would work as a direct drop-in replacement for the S25FL032P-0XMFI011 (32-Mb NOR FLASH memory)?  Using a chip with a larger memory capacity is not a problem, so long as it has the same pinout, same power/voltage range, same command and instruction structure, etc.


      Also, would your S25FL127SABMFI100 (128Mb NOR FLASH memory) work as a drop-in replacement?


      More broadly, is there a quick and easy way to know if one chip is compatible with another as a drop-in replacement?  I understand we might not want to replace a 128Mb chip with a 64Mb chip, but how can I determine if a chip of a larger size would work as a drop-in replacement for a chip of a lower size?


      Any assistance or insight you can offer will be *most* appreciated.