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    DAC ADC problem


      I have a problem with my ADC-DAC.I create voltage with the ADC and print it on the LCD screen. I do this with the help of the variable i.The value i goes from 0 to the max value of DAC. The value selected in DAC is 0- 4.080V (1mV / bit)

      i is rising up to 4080. but when I measure the voltage at the pin with the voltmeter, it varies from 0 to 3.15V (for example i = 0 ==> voltage = 0V, i = 4080 ==> voltage = 3.15V)

      Does the voltmeter measure the value of 4.080V? How to fix this.

      I want to measure the voltage on the resistor connected to the voltage divider with the DAC.but I can't see the voltage here on the lcd screen.