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    Driver Resell - CyUSB3.sys


      We sell several devices which uses Cyprus USB FX2 chips. We have always used the CyUSB.sys driver (which we signed ourselves) but are now running into problems installing these drivers on Windows 10. The upshot is that we need to migrate to using CyUSB3.sys and get the drivers properly signed by Microsoft. I have looked at the ‘Driver Resell’ information and am in the process of generating the necessary information.


      I have a question regarding CyUSB3 driver installation (as I was not the developer who developed the CyUSB communications):

      At the moment we install specific “.spt” configuration/firmware files at the same time as we install the CyUSB3.sys driver. These files are (very occasionally) updated during product improvements. Is it necessary for us to include these in the CyUSB3 driver installation? If so then would changing the file invalidate the driver certification (assuming the driver already installed)?

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          - Cypress can resell the CyUSB3.SYS driver if needed. You can then submit the driver package to Microsoft for certification. Please view the "Driver Resell" section in the attached CyUSB.PDF document.

          - Script files are not part of the driver package and hence any modification to the script files will not affect the driver signature. But, the names of the script files will be used as part of the driver's INF file. In case you modify the name of the script files in the future, the INF file has to be modified to include this newly named file. This will result in the loss of driver signature since INF file is part of the driver package.


          Please share your modified INF file over the private message option for me to initiate the driver resell process.


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          Srinath S