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    FX3 available GPIOs with 24-bit GPIF configuration


      I have project that needs to use 24-bit GPIF configuration for parallel data bus. At the same time, I2C, SPI and UART communication block are also needed.  Since SPI can UART can't be used at the same time. 4 GPIOs need to be used to implement bit-bang SPI. I  I have 2 questions regarding using 24-bit GPIF


      1. IO  configuration block :    io_cfg.isDQ32Bit        = CyTrue ?  

      2. available GPIOs for other control signals:   Are GPIOs of   CTL[0], CTL[1], ..., CTL[12],  DQ[23], DQ[24],..., DQ[31], I2S_CLK, I2S_SD,I2S_WS, and I2S_MCLK  all available for controlling other external accessories?