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    WiFi-BT PSOC Creator Wiced combination, have questions (CY8CKIT-062-WiFi-BT)




      Regarding CY8CKIT-062-WiFi-BT, App. Note AN221774 indicates you can use both (in stages) to program a WICED unit. Everyone else (mainly Cypress support on forums) says it does not work, can't be done, etc.  AN219434 says you can do it, but again the Cypress engineers in the forums say no.  KBA225060 says that WICED programs the Bluetooth Modules, more or less stand alone. 


        Currently, Modus Toolbox does not support programming the PSOC 6 fabric with customer created components like PSOC Creator does.  Modus Toolbox also does NOT support the CY8CKIT-062-WiFi-BT Psoc 6 Wifi-BT Pioneer Kit for WiFi.  That project is unavailable, but other non-radio projects are supported.  Therefore, it does NOT handle the same items that WICED does, even though one of the engineers in the forum says it does (or did they mean will?)


        So here are my basic questions/comments:


        1) Is the LBEE5KL1DX module separately programmable by WICED?  If not, please update your KBA225060 to state that certain Bluetooth modules can't be programmed.


        2)  if you can program the LBEE5KL1DX separately using WICED, do you have a step by step for a Wifi for the PSOC 6 Wifi-BT pioneer kit that allows programming a separate PSoc Creator project into the PSOC 6?  I guess I'm asking if the LBEE5KL1DX is ram based, or flash based.


        3) If your documentation is correct and your engineers are working off of obsolete information, please create a step by step document to recreate the DEMO you ship with PSOC 6 WiFI-BT Pioneer Kit for using the combination PSOC Creator + WICED.  It would be a simple, "Load this project, build", "import this, build", Program.  (With nice pictures)  If you cannot produce this , please update your documentation.


      Why am I asking for this?


         We are working in partnership with another company and want to take the WiFi-BT kit and put its components into a product that will be shipping hopefully soon.  However, it looks like a different manufacturer's radio may be a better situation, because it is truly stand alone and can be communicated with by very simple methods.  It appears to not require any changes whatsoever to be used as a WiFi Radio, as it is flash based.  It may well be usable with a low power PSOC unit, and may be the way we have to go, depending upon your answers.


         The reason we need the ability to use both WICED/Modus and PSOC Creator is the need to place some internally developed hardware components into our PSOC and also  have access to the WiFi and Bluetooth radio.  WICED does not allow users to create components.  Neither does Modus Toolbox, really, but I suspect you could publish a create your own custom component guide, but the modus toolbox (which says it is up to date) does not support radios (WiFi or BT).


      This has been very humbling on my part.  I really pushed your products, and it is blowing up in my face.  I currently look like a bad decision maker to my staff and our partner company.  Any chance of face saving anytime soon?

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          Let me clear out the confusion


          ModusToolbox doesn't support custom components as it is completely PDL based design and WiFi is not currently supported. So, it does not handle all the items that Wiced Studio does but it will in the future.


          To answer your questions, you can use either PSoC Creator or Wiced Studio for programming the kit. However, since you want to use Wi-Fi, you must use Wiced Studio.


          When you program the WiFi-BT kit using Wiced, you essentially make use of the SDIO interface between the PSoC 6 and the WiFi module for programming and communication. UDBs were used in Wiced to construct the SDIO interface. Wiced contains all the necessary UDB configuration to interact with the SDIO block and the user need not worry about this interaction. So once you program it, let's assume you use PSoC Creator to program the PSoC 6 for using the custom components. Since PSoC Creator doesn't have the SDIO interface, you won't be able to communicate with the WiFi module nor will the WiFi module function because there is no SDIO_CLK being driven.


          PSoC 6 WiFI-BT does come with an optional JTAG interface on J25 which can be used to control the SDIO lines. So you can choose to isolate the WiFi module from the PSoC 6 chip by unloading the resistors (R110, 111, 112, 109, 99, 108) as shown in the pic attached. And then use some other MCU (which supports SDIO interface) to program it and to drive these the J25 SDIO lines. You need to populate R113 to R117 as shown in the pic attached. This way you can have both the PSoC 6 with custom components and WiFi module running, but please note that there won't be internal communication between the on-board PSoC 6 chip and the WiFi Module. It will be between the external MCU and the WiFi module.



          The next version of ModusToolbox with WiFi will be available soon and should make this easier.




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            As a follow up to this, is there any way to program a custom board with firmware that doesn't entail a ton of effort in WICED? It seems like it's very difficult to get firmware programming to a custom PCB.