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    Hello Community Members


      I am looking for a direct drop-in replacement for CY62146VLL-70ZI. Seeing that this SRAM chip has gone obsolete, I was looking at the CY62146EV30 MoBL chip. Unfortunately, the EV30 has a different pin-out than the CY62146VLL-70ZI and am unable to go through a complete redesign of the CCA that it resides on. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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          Hi Frank,


          It is a very old part and we do not have any drop in replacements for the IC now. You may need to shift to some other new micropower SRAMs, I checked the pin outs for both the devices you checked, and only address pin 17 and A12 are not matching, but you can still replace this on your board as the SRAM will be reading and writing from the same address location so you will not see any issue. You can actually replace the old one with CY62146EV30.