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    Data Types for CyOpen DLL Call with CY7C65211


      Thus far I have the following DLL calls working:




      Now I try to do a CyOpen....


      Cy7C65211A_deviceNumber      = c_uint8()

      Cy7C65211A_interfaceNumber   = c_uint8()

      array_of_type_c_ubyte        =     (c_ubyte*CY_STRING_DESCRIPTOR_SIZE)

      CY_Handle = array_of_type_c_ubyte()

      Cy7C65211A_Ret_Code = CY7C65211A_CyOpen(Cy7C65211A_deviceNumber, Cy7C65211A_interfaceNumber, byref(CY_Handle))


      I get a successful return as long as the deviceNumber = 0 or 1.  It really doesn't matter what the interfaceNumber is as I have put in all kinds of numbers.

      The handle returns are 4 bytes long.  example of a return would be [104, 61, 122,3]


      What is the problem?  I have a successful return right?

      The problem:

      Cy7C65211A_Ret_Code = CY7C65211A_CyClose(CY_Handle)



      Since there is only 1 parameter I am assuming that the CyOpen wasn't as successful as one might think?

      Could use a little help on this.