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    Dongle for multiple connections


      Hi Cypress Team,



      We are using CY5677 dongle to test our sensors, it works well with one sensor, but fails when we attempted to connect it to multiple peripherals (as it's one of our use cases).


      I searched the community, and it says that CY5677 which use CY8C58XXX chip does not support multiple connections (is this true?).


      So, do you have a Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE) dongle that supports multiple peripherals (devices)?

      Or, is there anyway to enable CY5677 to support multiple connections?



      Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.


      Kind Regards.

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          Currently the BLE dongles released by Cypress only support single connection, along with the usage of CySmart application.

          If you plan to use CySmart with the dongle? If not, maybe you can change to use a PSoC BLE DVK board to simulate a central device with multiple connections.

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            we are not going to use CySmart, it's only for evaluation, but if a cypress ble (bluetooth 4.2, not limited to CY5677) dongle supports multiple connections, we will buy some dongles and use it in production (we will develop a software by ourselves), it saves time for us.

            But, according to your answer, it seems the only way to get a  multi-connection-BT4.2 dongle is to develop one on our own. ...

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              Sorry for late response.

              CY5677 is not proper enough for the production on customer's end. It can not support multiple connections and the source code is not available. For custom usage scenario, customer needs to develop their own application.