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    Support CCG5 firmware update over CC-lines?




      We are in need of upgrade capability of our new device that utilize CYPD5125-40LQXIT (device has no access to SWD once its sealed inside enclosure) , this device is already designed and prototyped so we don't have an option to change IC


      It seems at one time this CC line option was described in the Cypress materials but now it shows no CC line programing capability, is there anything we can do like port over code from CCG3?


      Please Help





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          All CCG5 parts have I2C bootloader and hence programming can be done over SWD or I2C. CC-bootloader is not present.


          If you have exposed I2C lines in your design, you can interface a USB-I2C bridge and do the FW update.




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            Sorry, I'm not sure you are understanding the request completely.


            in the past two years we have worked with CCG family of ICs CCG2/CCG3/CCG3PA/CCG4 and CCG5 and its always the same problem, the SDK do not work with ALL devices they work with majority of devices but they are not 100% compatible just like the ACT project we worked with you guys back in September that did NOT charge new Ipad pro nor did it work on HP laptops (and this is a weekly repetitive issue with CCG code) so yes update capability is required at all times since the code is never ever fully finished nor tested as thoroughly as expected...


            I2C update capability on a waterproof sealed device is not an option (unless you think there is a better way to do this, please enlighten me)





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              Hi Rad,


              CCG5 parts ship with an I2C bootloader which allows firmware updates through I2C interface (specific pins only). This is the recommended update option for all CCG5 devices.


              If your application requires another means of update (such as CC based), you will have to program the part with a custom bootloader or application code that allows this. It is definitely possible to port the CC based update code from other devices onto CCG5 as well. Since this is not the expected usage model for the CCG5 device, Cypress will not be including this support in the SDK. We cannot provide multiple bootloaders for the same part, and I2C bootloader is what the majority of CCG5 customers will require.


              You can deploy your custom bootloader or firmware application which uses the CC based update code, the sources for which are still provided in the SDK. You will have to take care of programming the part with the custom bootloader during manufacturing as well.




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                We did accomplish to build the CC bootloader and modified the APP code for CCG5/6, could you let me know who within cypress can double check our work to make sure there is nothing that could cause issues .


                We can not post it here but would like someone to take a quick look over

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                  We made it, yes we now have a CCG5/6 CC boot loader that actually works


                  My guys are awesome they can write anything , just takes time....



                  Issue Resolved at least for us