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    problem with op-amp loading input signal


      Using two op-amps as voltage followers,  one of them does not load the input signal, the other one does-  see the figure below.


      The signal at inaP3_3 (port P3[3] ) is fine, no problem.  But at inbP0_2 (port P0[2]) ,  the AC component is removed and I only have the DC portion of Vin  (1kHz,  0.5Vpp with 0.3V DC offset).  At lower frequencies I start to see more AC component.  As if there's a cap on the input.  


      I'm using the CY8Ckit-059, so I checked the schematic and did not see anything connected to this pin. 


      Can anyone suggest how this could be happening?  



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          If I change input from P0[2]  to P0[6] , then everything it works fine.  However,  the analog routing is much longer.  Choosing P0[2] makes more sense since it is close to the + input of OpampB  (corresponding to OPAMP0 in hardware)


          So there's an issue with P0[2].


          Note:  If I delete the pin and drag a new pin over without choosing a port,  then the software automatically chooses P0[2] anyway.  


          Hope someone can enlighten me

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            I'm sorry but this may not be an answer, but as the issue seemed to be interesting, I ran some tests by myself, too.


            With the original using P0[2] scenario, when I set the frequency of the input signal to 10Hz, both output seemed to be OK.

            Then as I changed the input frequency to higher, 100Hz, 1kHz, channel B output decreased much faster than channel A.

            So I think that the connecting pattern of P0[2] to OpAmp0 may be physically composing a low-pass filter,

            but the connecting pattern of P0[6] to OpAmp0's cut-off is much higher.


            In the following pictures, ch1 is chA OpAmp3, ch2 is chB OpAmp0

            (1) Input 10Hz 0.5v pp + 0.3V DC



            (2) Input 100Hz



            (3) Input 1kHz





            Then I changed the chB input to P0[6]

            (4) Input 10Hz



            (5) Input 100Hz




            (6) Input 1kHz





            Analog pattern of OpAmp3



            Analog pattern of OpAmp0 with P0[2]



            Analog pattern of OpAmp0 with P0[6]



            In this case as you had 2 channels, you could notice the problem,

            but I wonder if I encounter this with only 1 channel without anything to compare,

            how could I notice the issue..



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              It seems it was already:

              If you have CY8CKIT-059 and you have not deleted C12 (P0.2) then this is the problem.

              look here:       https://community.cypress.com/thread/12559

              You will have to either delete or use another contact.

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                Dear Evgeniy-san,


                Thank you for the information.


                I should have checked the schematic... I was only thinking of the PSoC internal circuit.

                Having C12 attached, surely make it a low pass!


                So probably the most affordable answer is to use a port without C attached, such as P0[6] ;-)


                Best Regards,


                Motoo Tanaka

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                  That's excellent-  I did check the schematic and did not see a cap there,  that's why I started this thread.  But if I scroll down the data sheet a little:  right in plain sight !!