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    USB-IF Link Layer Test failed #2



      sorry but I have to create a new discussion since my previous post (USB-IF Link Layer Test failed ) has been prematurely locked...


      I tried to compile my firmware with SDK update 1.3.4 and, in fact, the fail TD.7.17 is gone... but TD.7.9, TD.7.11, TD.7.26 remains. All those fails are related to the new timings used and the Test Equipment (LeCroy M310P / Version: 3.60 Build 780) that USB org. now force to use with no alternative with Ellisys... What can I do now? The waiver ended Nov. 2018 and the device cannot be currently certified...


      Moreover, with the update, reappeared a bug that was fixed by you a year ago (MyCase 00396780).


      Please Cypress guys, can you contact me privately? I've some reserved data to share... and this matter begins to be quite urgent...


      Thanks a lot for your support,