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    Modus "Program file does not exist"


      I am trying to use the PSoC6 Wifi kit with Modus 1.0.  os a Mac.  For a test, I am trying to run BlinkLED and all goes well until I launch the build, and I get an error message of "Program file does not exist."


      When I expand the details, I find this :


      ~/Cypress Toolbox Docs/BlinkyLED_mainapp/Debug/BlinkyLED_mainapp_final.elf not found


      and when I look in the folder, there is a similar file called...


      ~/Cypress Toolbox Docs/BlinkyLED_mainapp/Debug/BlinkyLED_mainapp.elf


      That is, the generated file name does not include the "_final".


      Is this due to one of the multitude of cryptic setting that I am missing, or just a bug?

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          This is because you have white spaces in your project directory path, "~/Cypress Toolbox Docs/BlinkyLED_mainapp/Debug/BlinkyLED_mainapp_final.elf". Recreate the project where the path won't have any space. This should solve your problem.




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            Unfortunately not.


            Why thank you, this did work.  I had a space before the second underscore...


            Thanks agian.


            The "Cypress Toolbox Docs" is generated/suggested by default at launch by Modus on the Mac.  If I delete this folder, relaunch and set up a new directory with the name "Cypress_Toolbox _Docs"  the problem persists, with an almost identical error message, only now with two more underscores, like this:


            ~/Cypress_Toolbox _Docs/BlinkyLED_mainapp/Debug/BlinkyLED_mainapp_final.elf not found.


            Where is the "xxx.elf" file name defined or created.  Can I modify the generated file name?  Or is this a deeper bug.


            Yea for 1.0 releases.