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    CY8CPLC10: I2C problems

      Dear Sirs,

      we are testing a new board for PLC that uses the chip CY8CPLC10, controlled by a Microchip PIC32MX110F016B-I/SO microcontroller.

      At the moment we are finding problems with the I2C communication between uC and PLC: on the same I2C line we have some devices, like for example an E2PROM 24LC256-I/SM and the CY8CPLC10, coupled with a level translator: we are able to dialogue with the memory but we have no signs from CY8CPLC10.


      • The CY8CPLC10 uses only the crystal 32KHz and not the external oscillator
      • We are not able to understand if the CY8CPLC10 is running or not (we can see a fleeble signal 32KHz on OSC_OUT and nothing else)


      Could you help us?

      Do you have a complete I2C sequence to send to CY8CPLC10 in order make it answer?

      How can we be sure the CY8CPLC10 is running (is there any pin to check with the oscilloscope)?


      Thanks and Regards,


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          Hello Alberto,


          The I2C slave address is 0x01, when I2C_ADDR (pin 26) is high, and 0x7a when it is low. Kindly take care of this condition.


          We do not have I2C example sequences, but I can refer you to AN52478 - Designing an External Host Application for Cypress's Powerline Communication IC CY8CPLC10


          Best regards,