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    PSoC PID


      Hi all,


      I am currently trying to implement a PID controller. I am fairly new to PSoC so this is going to be a bit of a challenge for me. The goal of the project is to control the output RMS of a DC-to-AC converter. The way this is done is the following, the RMS value is obtained through the sampling of the output sine wave. A SIMULINK diagram of the whole operation can be seen below.



      The RMS is subtracted from whatever RMS value I set. The error then passes through a PI controller and then is multiplied with the control sine wave signal. I am generating the control sine wave and triangle waves in PSoC using the WaveDAC component. Since I am trying to use the sine wave as a control signal, from my understanding, I have to pass it through some ADC in order to multiply it by the output of the PI controller.


      My problem the following: I have read articles on PID using C, and from what I have read, you need to use 16 bits for floating point math. I am using the PSoC

      CY8CKIT-059 which only contains one Delta-Sigma ADC which can have up to 16 bit resolution whereas the SAR can only go up to 12. Is there a way I could get around this? Like I said, I am fairly new to PSoC as well as coding in C as is. The Top Design for my project can be seen below.