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    HyperRAM Random Read performance


         I am looking for a Static-RAM kind of device that can meet our performance, space and power requirements. Our requirements are;

      1. Random read bandwidth of about 150 MB per sec for burst read size of 1
      2. about 50mA current at 1.8V (or 2.5V)
      3. smallest area like 8mmx8mm or something similar
      4. ambient temperature of -40C to +105C
      5. Minimum density of 8Mbits or more

      I have quickly gone through your hyperRAM devices but I could NOT find bandwidth number for truly random access read. Most of our read will be of burst size 1. Our application will first write data to the hyperRAM and then it will perform random read operations (no switching between write and read operations constantly).

      1. If the internal hyperRAM's DDR needs a refresh, what would be the worst case read time?

      2. What is the worst case bandwidth for truly random read access?

      3. Does not switching between read and write but just keep doing random read only make Read-Write-Recovery time (tRWR) zero?

      4. If you have any recommendation for sync or async SRAM devies that could meet our requirements, please recommend us.


      Thanks for your time and help.