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    Chip choice in PSoC3


      Currently I'm developing an embedded system using the CY8CKIT-030, which uses the CY8C3866 chip. I'm wondering is there an easy way to determine what is the smallest PSoC3 chip this will work with when complete. A $6-8 solution is better than a $13-18 solution if I don't need all the resources of the bigger chip. It'd be nice if PSoC Creator would provide feedback as to what other solutions would work for a given project based on resources used. I realize that Cypress wants to sell the most expensive chip for a given solution, but we aren't all made of money...

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          Hello Scott,


          Unfortunately PSoC creator does not suggest which chip to use. But there are tools inside the PSoC Creator which can be helpful for you.


          The first one will be the resource meter. This shows how much resources are used by your project. This will help you to see whether the device you are currently using is ideal for your application.


          The second one will be the device selector window.To select this right click on your project on workspace explorer and select device selector. As you are interested in PSoC3 family, select the PSoC 3 in the family filter. It lists the devices with the resources available. So if you know how much resource you need, you can easily select the device which meets your requirement.


          I hope this helps.


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