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    Where can I find footprints and CAD models?


      I am looking for PCB footprint and 3D CAD model data for the following part: 



      Is there somewhere that I can find all of Cypress's packages and footprints?  I've found zip files full of footprints for other parts, such as here:  http://www.cypress.com/cad-resources/psoc-4-ble-cy8c4xx7bl-cad-symbols-and-footprints   but that archive (and others like it) don't contain the parts I'm looking for and it's impossible to tell if my part is contained in an archive without downloading it and tediously searching for it.


      I would prefer to have a place where I can either

      a)  download all of the footprints used in Cypress products


      b)  Type in a search for either a specific part number or a specific package designation (which can be found in the part datasheet) and then be given a link to the footprint.


      Does such a tool exist anywhere?