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    eventParam for CY_BLE_EVT_GATT_CONNECT_IND



      When CY_BLE_EVT_GATT_CONNECT_IND event happen, BLE Stack stock a value into attid and bdhandle of eventParam.

      Although I read PDL documentation, I cannot understood what value is stocked.


      Please let me know the detail of them.


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          The struct cy_stc_ble_conn_handle_t has two data fields which are bdHandle and attId.

          1. The data field bdHandle will Identifies the peer device(s) bonded or currently connected. The BLE Stack supports CY_BLE_GAP_MAX_BONDED_DEVICE+CY_BLE_MAX_CONNECTION_INSTANCES devices. First device connected is assigned value (CY_BLE_GAP_MAX_BONDED_DEVICE +CY_BLE_MAX_CONNECTION_INSTANCES)-1. If one device is already present in the Bonded Devices List, then the current device will be assigned the value(CY_BLE_GAP_MAX_BONDED_DEVICE+CY_BLE_MAX_CONNECTION_INSTANCES)-2, otherwise (CY_BLE_GAP_MAX_BONDED_DEVICE+CY_BLE_MAX_CONNECTION_INSTANCES)-1.

          2. The data field attId will identifies the active ATT connection instance i.e., if we define maximum number of connections as 3 then this value will be 2.



          P Yugandhar.