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    is it possible to convert 12 bit raw data into YUY2 in FX3?

      hi guys,


      I am now working on a FX3 board, this board is connected to 2 sensors, it's meant to get image data from them in a synchronous way, then output data to host via UVC.

      Since this is a UVC app, so I use AN75779 as a reference, and make some amend to the sample code for AN75779.

      The sensor is aptina AR0130, can only output 12-bit raw data. Since raw format is unidentifiable for host video application like Amcap, so I need to convert it to YUY2 before transmitting to host. I study the doc&code for some time, it seems this conversion process can only be inserted into CyFxUvcApplnDmaCallback. After the conversion code is added, however, it looks like the entire application stops outputting any UART message, or the app just crashes. it seems heavy overhead is not allowed in CyFxUvcApplnDmaCallback.

      I realize this FX3+AR0130 probably can't output YUYV to host directly, is it right?