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    Piconet with encryption

      I tried to modify hello_client and hello_sensor (BCM20737 TAG) to build a piconet:

      Master <-> Relay <-> Slave

      I use hello_client codes for Master and Relay.  hello_sensor codes for Slave.

      I can make it work when there is no bonding/encryption enabled.  However, when I enable the encryption, there is a problem between Master and Relay.

      The sniffer shows the following:

      Master -> Relay: Pairing Request

      Relay -> Master: Pairing Response

      Master -> Relay: Pairing Confirmation

      Relay -> Master: Pairing Random

      then there is no further control messages for encryption.  The link is still there (timeout disabled) but no more control messages.

      I can make the Master (hello_client) connects with Slaves (hello_sensor) with encryption.  However, I cannot make the Master (hello_client) connects with Relay (hello_client) with encryption. 

      Any idea why is that?  Any difference of the security operations between hello_client (as slave) and hello_sensor?