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    Wake up time from sleep/deep sleep (continued)


      I was pointed to this post from a discussion of long boot times: Wake up time from sleep/deep sleep


      You mention in the post that the boot time can be improved by changing the I2C speed from 400 khz to 1MHz, and this would cut down the time a lot.


      Two questions:


      1. How do you make this change?  Is this a matter of changing a value in a CGS file?

      For SDK 2.2.1 I see there is a speed setting in the BCM920736 platform directory, but not in the _TAG directory, which is the one I am using.  Note that I have a custom board based on the 20736S -- which platform directory should I be using?


      2. What is the maximum speed allowed for the EEPROM in the 20736S?


      Thanks for your help!