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    Softune V6 diag_* pragmas


      Can anybody share the meaning of the diag_xxxx pragmas available in Softune V6 ?

      A full list of this pragmas, according to the compiler manual (FR Family SOFTUNE C/C++ Compiler Manual for V6, Spec. # 002-04486 Rev. *A, page 416):


      #pragma diag_default

      #pragma diag_error

      #pragma diag_remark

      #pragma diag_suppress

      #pragma diag_warning


      This pragmas are mentioned in said manual, without any further explanation.

      My Softune version is V60L06.


      The background - I'd like to suppress compiler warnings coming from code shared with other platforms.

      I can't stop the compiler from telling me that "long long is not a standard type" (W1450B).

      I tried diag_suppress, which wants an "error number" as argument. None of the obvious combinations (w/o prefix/suffix, braces...) worked.