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    _Bool doesn't work any more


      Help!  I've broken PSOC Creator!  (PSoC Creator  4.2 (


      I've done something to break a couple of things....


      first and most concerning is that I now get an error when using boolians...


           Now I get the following error: Build error: '_Bool' does not name a type


      I didn't used to get it, and I can't figure out what I've done to break it.  So I made a "typedef CYBIT Bool;" and got past that.


      Now, I get errors on 3 subroutines called in main() and defined in a sub-file  ( and yeah I have function prototypes in an included header).  "Build error: undefined reference to `ControlBd_ExecuteCommand'" I can't fingure it out!


      I lost a file earlier in the day - so I thought perhaps... but I uninstalled PSOC creator and re-installed it fresh.  Same deal.

      And now I can't go back to ver 4.1 - it won't read the file


      My project is attached.  What have I done?


      Thanks for your help!