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    HX3PD without PD


      Hello. Will you offer configuration options for the HX3PD reference design to allow for:


      a) NO PD - use as a USB 3.1 hub only?


      b) User defined PD values - assuming that the intent is for the OEM to use the same ONSEMI I2C configurable power supply to dial up the table driven power supply value(s)?


      c) identifying LED status for normal / fault conditions of each port?



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          a) Yes. PD can be disabled.


          b) Yes. Config table can be modified and it enables the same buck-boost to dial them up.


          c) Status LEDs are not being used currently. But status signals can be derived from existing signals like OVCUR# and PWREN for each port.




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            Please note that (a) and (b) will be available in the future release and not in the current release.


            If any customized configuration is required for current release, Cypress can provide the modified binary that can be flashed to configure the board as per requirements sent by customer.