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    would like to create 2 UARTS + 1 I2C on CY8C4246AZI-M443 48-LQFP



      I would like to update a project which was created with PSoC Creator V3.2 to new version PSoC Creator V4.2. The project uses 2 UARTS + 1IC2 Interface on processor CY8C4246AZI-M443 48-LQFP.

      On Version PSoC Creator V3.2 no error message appeared when compilating the project.

      The UART1 was assigned to P4[0] (RX) and P4[1] (TX)

      The UART1 was assigned to P7[1] (RX) and P7[1] (TX)

      I"C was assigned to P0[4] and P0[5]


      Now with new version of PSoC Creator V4.2 I can create only one UART and one I2C Interface.


      What's the problem?

      Thanks for any help