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    PSoC 5LP Priority handling interrupt


      Hey there,


      I am working with PSoC 5LP and interrupts. For my own application I would like to do the following case:


      INT A has lower priority than INT B

      1. INT B is asserted when interrupt A is being executed.
      2. INT A is stopped at the point of execution.
      3. The details of INT A are pushed to the stack, and INT B begins to execute.
      4. After execution of INT B I want to break INT A and return to main()


      So, my question is:

      Can I break an interrupt clearing some register and return to main() instead of return to execute the pending interrupt?  


      I have used clear_pending function but the result is the same. My program always return to the lower priority interrupt once the upper interrupt has finished.


      I hope that some one can help me with the problem.


      Thanks and regards !!!