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    CCG2 CYPD2122 I2C programming

      Hello everyone!


      First post here. We have a new design (computer/tablet peripheral) where we use the CCG2/CYPD2122 to have DRP (dual-role power) so that we can implement this scenarios:
      1) - when the device/peripheral is only connected to a laptop it will get power (sink) from the USB bus.
      2) - when it's connected to a tablet and it is ALSO connected to an external power source (eg. wall adapter) it will provide power (source) to the tablet.


      So, we have the prototype ready, it works fine as sink (gets its power from the USB bus) and I'm trying to also make it work as a source using the dual-role power mode. The question I have is this: how can we actually program the CCG2/CYPD2122 chip in-system? Is it possible to only use I2C or do we need to use the SWD pins? I couldn't find any conclusive info/documentation about this.


      Also, another related question: for what we need (see above) can we use only the EZ-PD software to make the configuration or do we actually need to do some programming (code) to implement the DRP mode? (the only reversible part is for the power, the data flows only from the host to our device).